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John Chisholm was appointed Chief Executive Officer in March 2012 and has served as Flotek’s President since August 2010, and previously served as Flotek’s Interim President from August 2009 thru August 2010.

John has been a Director of the Company since November 1999, and has acted as Chairman of the Board since July 2010. John  founded Wellogix, Inc., a software development firm for the oil and gas industry that streamlines workflow, improves collaboration, expedites the inter-company exchange of enterprise data and communicates complex engineered services. John also co-founded and served as President of ProTechnics, a service company dedicated to providing state-of-the-art completion diagnostic services to the energy industry, from 1985 until its sale to Core Laboratories in December of 1996. After leaving Core Laboratories as Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing in 1998, he started Chisholm Energy Partners, a now inactive investment fund that while it operated targeted mid-size energy service companies. John has served on the board of directors of NGSG, Inc., a NYSE company specializing in compression technology for the oil and gas industry, since December 2006. He serves on both the Compensation and Governance Committees of NGSG, Inc. John has also been selected to be on the editorial advisory board of Middle East Technology by the Oil and Gas Journal. John holds a Business Administration degree from Fort Lewis College. John experience related to two start up companies brings operating and financial expertise to the Board as well as innovative views of leadership.

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