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16 Nov
Prescriptive Chemistry Management℠: Total reservoir chemistry powered by CnF® technology

Flotek partners with our clients to design and prescribe custom and conventional chemistries based on the unique characteristics of your well.

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09 Oct
We are Flotek

We are pursuing transformative chemistry, harnessing its power to deliver complete technology solutions and making a difference in the industries where we work and for the world.

“We are Flotek” watch our new video.


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25 Sep
CnF® Systems in the Lifecycle of a Fractured Well

Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) technologies harness the power of citrus oil from orange peels to improve well performance and productivity.  Deploying d-Limonene, an industry-proven bio-based solvent extracted from oranges, and various surfactant platforms, we develop prescriptive chemistry solutions unique to every reservoir.


Watch this video to see how CnF® is utilized in the lifecycle of a fractured well. 

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24 Aug
Flotek Case Study: Showcasing the Impact of Prescriptive Chemistry

Flotek Inc. recently collaborated with a Delaware Basin operator to improve the reservoir performance of its Pecos and Reeves Counties, TX wells through the use of customized chemistry solutions and Flotek’s patented Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) technology. 

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23 Aug
Flotek: Transforming Oil & Gas with IBM Watson

Flotek is proud to partner with IBM Watson to transform the oil and gas industry. Together, we are changing the energy industry for the better, bringing cognitive learning to the reservoir, and helping oil and gas operators use data to transform the decision-making from reactive to predictive. From efficient to effective. From the past into the future. 

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