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24 Aug
Flotek Case Study: Showcasing the Impact of Prescriptive Chemistry

Flotek Inc. recently collaborated with a Delaware Basin operator to improve the reservoir performance of its Pecos and Reeves Counties, TX wells through the use of customized chemistry solutions and Flotek’s patented Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) technology. 

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23 Aug
Flotek: Transforming Oil & Gas with IBM Watson

Flotek is proud to partner with IBM Watson to transform the oil and gas industry. Together, we are changing the energy industry for the better, bringing cognitive learning to the reservoir, and helping oil and gas operators use data to transform the decision-making from reactive to predictive. From efficient to effective. From the past into the future. 

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17 Aug
IBM Watson: Not Just for Winning Jeopardy - Oil & Gas 360 8/17/2017
27 Jun
Flotek Industries: It Boils Down to Chemistry and Partnering with Watson - Oil & Gas 360 6/27/2017
25 Apr
Flotek and IBM partner to develop cognitive reservoir performance system - JW Energy 4/25/2017
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