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Flotek for the Full Well Lifecycle

You can trust in Flotek’s performance for the entire lifecycle of your well. All of our products and services are designed to provide best-in-class technology, cutting-edge innovation and to provide exceptional customer service.

Get Flotek in your well. Select from our advanced products and solutions for the entire well lifecycle. 

Improve Production in Mature Assets with IOR

Maximizing the recovery of your oil reserves means maximizing your return on investment. Our Flotek Chemistry division offers specialty chemicals and a full suite of services to improve the recovery of mature reservoirs. Our many years of experience in the industry provide for a vast understanding of improved oil recovery techniques and how to apply them to maximize oil recovery and return.

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Increase Production to Wells Brought Online

At Flotek, we are constantly improving and innovating our solutions to the myriad production challenges faced by our clients. The Flotek Chemistry division offers a full spectrum of specialty chemicals to address problems that can hinder a well’s maximum production.

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Proven Recovery for Artificial Lift Wells with Petrovalve™

The patented technology in Flotek's Petrovalve suite of products improves flow dynamics and valve useful life, making it the pump valve system for your most challenging artificial lift wells. Petrovalve systems are unaffected by the angle of installation, and provide optimum lift for applications including horizontal or deviated wells, high gas/oil ratios, H2O/oil, heavy crude and sandy wells.

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