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07 May
Flotek Presentation: Ability of Terpene-Based Microemulsions to Remove Asphaltene Residue from Solid Surfaces

Presenting at the 2019 AOCS Annual Meeting, Flotek illustrated how terpene-based microemulsions perform to remove crude oil residue from solid services as compared to other solvents.

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26 Apr
Flotek Presentation: Optimizing Fluid Chemistry for Remediation and Stimulation

At the 2019 Refrac Wells Conference, Flotek illustrated how its reservoir-centric prescriptive chemistry can be cost-effectively used to prevent/remediate damage and boost production during shut-ins, clean-outs, and fracturing treatments.

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26 Mar
Complex nano-Fluid® - Reservoir-Centric Technology For The Permian Basin

Flotek's has developed a line of patented Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) technologies formulated for the unique geology, chemistry and economics of the Permian Basin – delivering exceptional performance and return on investment.

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24 Feb
Flotek Presentation: Driving Capital Efficiency – Increased Production with Optimized Fluid Systems

At the 2019 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, Flotek highlighted how its reservoir-centric approach to fluid designs drive capital efficiency by reducing costs and increasing production.

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24 Feb
Flotek Presentation: Improving Production Through Reservoir-Centric Fluid Systems

At the 2019 SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference, Flotek illustrated the effectiveness of its reservoir-centric approach across a variety of applications: completions, remediation, frac hits and enhanced waterflooding. The presentation highlights case studies in both oil and gas reservoirs including: Woodford, Cleveland Sand, Midland Basin-Wolfcamp A, Delaware Basin-Wolfcamp B, Eagle Ford, Olmos, Cotton Valley, Niobrara A, Niobrara B, Canadian Williston Basin-Lower Shaunavon, Cardium-Ferrier, and Ellerslie-Edson Core.

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