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11 Jun
Flotek Case Study: Increased Performance In The Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin with Complex nano-Fluid® Technology

Flotek partnered with multiple operators in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin to increase performance through our reservoir-centric approach. More than 66 wells were evaluated for performance in the Cardium Ferrier, Upper Montney Altares and Upper Montney Septimus areas. 

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06 Jun
Flotek Presentation: Chemical EOR in Tight Oil Pools

At the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, Flotek illustrated how its reservoir-centric chemistry technologies have been utilized in enhanced waterflooding pilots in a wide variety of reservoirs. 

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07 May
Flotek Presentation: Ability of Terpene-Based Microemulsions to Remove Asphaltene Residue from Solid Surfaces

Presenting at the 2019 AOCS Annual Meeting, Flotek illustrated how terpene-based microemulsions perform to remove crude oil residue from solid services as compared to other solvents.

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26 Apr
Flotek Presentation: Optimizing Fluid Chemistry for Remediation and Stimulation

At the 2019 Refrac Wells Conference, Flotek illustrated how its reservoir-centric prescriptive chemistry can be cost-effectively used to prevent/remediate damage and boost production during shut-ins, clean-outs, and fracturing treatments.

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26 Mar
Complex nano-Fluid® - Reservoir-Centric Technology For The Permian Basin

Flotek's has developed a line of patented Complex nano-Fluid® (CnF®) technologies formulated for the unique geology, chemistry and economics of the Permian Basin – delivering exceptional performance and return on investment.

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